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Le fils secret du Vert-Galant
Belles Lettres
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Le fils secret du Vert-Galant


Belles Lettres


This book is not another biography of French King Henri IV. Attempting to solve the most extraordinary criminal enigma of the time of the Wars of Religion – the poisoning of the Prince of Condé in Saint-Jean d'Angély in 1588 – Robert Muchembled demonstrates the assured responsibility of a hidden sponsor: Henri de Navarre, future king of France and moreover natural father of the posthumous son of the assassinated prince!It is thus an (incomplete) history of the secret personality of Henri IV that is proposed here. If it differs from the traditional mythology applied to his memory, it gives him back all his humanity: his qualities and his successes go hand in hand with less glorious traits, which were probably indispensable to survive and triumph during one of the most tragic periods of the French past. Devoid of moral or religious scruples, sure (superstitiously) to be born under a lucky star, the “Green Gallant” – as he was nicknamed – eliminates without mercy those who get in his way; master of disinformation, great producer of fake news, he forges his own legend, has one of the most efficient secret services of the time, accumulates mistresses like an oriental sultan, including the wife of his secret son, and treats the latter harshly (heir to the throne intermittently, and then rival of Louis XIII after the regicide).Although it conveys strong images of unbridled ambitions, blood, poison, violence, carnal desires, worthy of historical or detective novels, the narrative, chronological, supported by documents of the time (sometimes unknown, or often poorly put in perspective) presents real facts and characters that have nothing fictional. It invites us to discover an exercise of supreme power that is more chaotic, baroque and dramatic than the one evoked by school textbooks.Writer, honorary professor of the universities of Paris, Knight of the Legion of Honor, Robert Muchembled has produced more than thirty books. The Belles Lettres published from him The civilization of smells in 2017, a work already translated into several languages, and The secret son of the Green Gallant in 2021.
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